Important Update

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It is time for me to follow my dreams!
I am going to India to pursue my true love and make Bollywood films.

With my guiding light, Shahruhk by my side, I know that no monsoon, ethnic/cultural conflict, or drought can stop me.

Below is a little film project I put together when I wasn’t busy pursuing that silly music thing (hah!)

I’ve been embarassed to share it before, but I can no longer deny the Valerie Thompson (soon to be Valerie Khan) that I am…

*Not bad for a rookie who knows no Hindi, eh?

Thank you for your love and support over the past few misguided years. Fear not that I will look at our shared experiences as a waste of time, energy and talent, as it has brought me to this place in my life where I could fully embrace my destiny, Bollywood!

Be beautiful and safe as I abandon you for the land of Gandhi, samosas, and Kama Sutra.

Valerie Khan (formerly Valerie Thompson)

For Valerie’s Bollywood Dream Wallpaper, click on a thumbnail below:

3 Responses to “Important Update”

  1. Valerie says:

    Woo hoo!
    I will have at least 2 buddies in the homeland with me!
    BTW-I’m sure you both look stellar in saris.

    (happy april fools!)

    Thank god, I have a major crush on Shahrukh. (swoons)
    For awhile I had a strange soft spot for Jack Black and that’s just not as easy to explain as dear Shahrukh…

    So, I’m feeling that someday, I should have a Bollywood party and force the world (or whoever shows up) to watch all 3 hours of Main Hoo Na with me. We will start the evening by learning some choreography from the movie and then we can dance along in the appropriate scenes. (if only i had a larger apartment…)

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