Happy 2008!

Welcome in the new year (even if it is a month late) and kick the old one out of the bed!

I just recently recorded for Sarah Rabdau and for Grand Army.  I will let the world know when those albums make it out of the recording studio and into the world.

Vessela (of Fluttr Effect) and I have been recording some new demos for some recent songs of ours.  J Marchionna has been manning the console.  This demo will lay the tracks for an EP that Vess and I are planning on knocking out later this spring.  I will post some musical examples when all the pieces are in the right place.

Shows will be posted for March and April very soon.
It looks like my next public performance will be at the Lizard Lounge on March 7th for the Steamy Bohemians’ Jerkus Circus.

Links, coming soon.

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