Happy Val-N-Tine’s Day!

Nice Choice!

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy this little love letter that I made, especially for you.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2008/02/vntine.mov http://valeriethompson.com/vntine/vntine.mov]

Happy Val-N-Tine’s Day!

I think I just hit on you.

This love note was produced with the mad skills and crazy talents of the following:

Secret Agent Burns, Brown, Hugs, Kidwell, and Stoyanova.
Special guest appearances by Kipling, Jack’s Christmas Present, and several rooms of Columbia House.

I would also like to thank magic markers, my scanner, coffee, Cuban food and cotton balls.

“Be Mine” Song and lots of other things by Valerie Thompson
Additional other stuff by Brendan Burns.
“No” photo by B. Burns.
“Maybe” photo by Amandacera.

***please pardon the typo, we were up late last night***

Thanks for letting me love you!

24 Responses to “Happy Val-N-Tine’s Day!”

  1. sonya says:

    Wow. That was a lot of effort to go through just for little ol’ me! And to think I didn’t even send you an e-card!

    Well, know that I heart you, too, Valerie dear. You’re the best! SMMMMOOOOOOCH!

  2. Jess says:

    I will definitely be yours. Since you asked.

  3. valntine says:

    Woo hoo!
    I’s got valentines!!!!

  4. Angela says:

    That was the most awesomest val-entine ever! I feel loved!

  5. Karen says:

    I loved it! what a great Valentine you are Val!

  6. cara says:

    oh yay yay a REAL val-entine! i’ve had nickentines and robentines and even frankentines but never a valentine. yay!!!

    hope yours was happy too 🙂


  7. Zea says:

    I spy a new hair cuts!
    Thank you for that fabulousness.

  8. valntine says:

    Oh no! You noticed my inconsistencies!!!
    If my life pans out the way I hope it does, I plan on never brushing my hair again.

    Yay, haircuts!

  9. Zea says:

    yep. your continuity is bunked. Better hire a Line Producer next time. {Val – “frickin rotten filmmaker friends”}

    looks sassy. I’m not sure I did much hair brushing at that length. okay, I never do much hair brushing…


  10. valntine says:

    i just like to keep it inconsistent so no one is too overwhelmed by my mad skills. hee hee. (what if i become a haircut junky?!?)

  11. Jed says:

    Excellent! Fabulous! Loverly! I’m honored to be your Val (entine), Val(entine)!
    PS: That day, a week or so ago when I saw you all making this outside, I was on my way to a potluck, where I met a very cute boy. We’ll have date number three on Friday night. So you see, IT WORKS! Hope you find yours!

  12. valntine says:

    Glad to hear you are findin’ some cutie lovin’!
    My problem is I want all boys, but only certain parts of said boys and only at certain times. So demanding, I am!

  13. Dr. D. says:

    You are amazing and my life is a richer more fulfilling place because you in it 🙂

  14. Bri says:

    oh yes, i love thee.

  15. becca says:

    val !
    this rules !
    you’re awesome !


  16. Katherine Rose says:

    Val, you are too super-cute.

  17. valntine says:

    Next year we all meet in a secret location.
    I promise you there will be cake.
    Everyone has to dress like a member of the U.N.
    Suits and things (you don’t have to model yourself after a specific member just generally look like a member of the U.N.)
    Bring all the curly Q cables you might have at home, we’re going to need those so some of you can look like translators.
    We might need some climatic (not climactic) special effects, so everyone should be prepared to bring a garden hose or 4 bags of cotton balls each. The nature of our climate can be determined later.
    NOW GO!

    Make something. Kiss someone. Make someone smile.
    (and we’ll all meet back in 10 months for further instructions.)
    yay you guys!

  18. AAAAAAAAAAwe cutest thing ever. Thanks that made my day!

  19. heather says:

    LIES! i took that “no” photo!

  20. valntine says:

    i meant to change.
    i should change it right now.
    after i finish packing for ‘treal.

  21. heather says:

    it’s cool, i mostly just wanted to type LIES! in dramatic fashion. 😉

  22. Sarah says:

    Awesomest. Valentine. Ever.

  23. Sascha says:

    Loved it!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!

  24. Lauren says:



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